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DIESEL HOME COLLECTIONは、生活の中に豊かさを与えるエレメントを扱うレーベルであると捉えています。

つのL字壁は、HOME COLLECTIONの空間を利用し、多くのバリエーションを持った関係を作りながら街のようなシーンや、日常の生活シーンを描き出します。
それはエレメント(DIESEL HOME COLLECTION)を使う立場と、それを眺める立場の両方を経験する事で、自らの生活に対する夢を重ね合わせてもらいたいと願っています。


DIESEL HOME COLLECTION is an element which brings the richness to our life.
So, by creating the scenery and streetscape, our proposal is to present how each element brings the richness and colour to our daily life.

There are three shaped L walls to create the interior space and the exterior space.
These three L-type furniture create the scenery of city and daily life with building various relations with each other by using HOME COLLECTION space.
The one side of the wall is for the interior and the other side has the texture for the exterior. While walking between them, you will find the switching of the interior and the exterior.
ROOM to TOWN / TOWN to ROOM will make you catch a glimpse of various people’s daily life like if you’d become an invisible person.
We hope you will increase the possibility for your own life by experiencing the both position of user and a viewer of the element (DIESEL HOME COLLECTION)

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Project Details

Main use :installation
Location :tokyo
STATUS :Project
YEAR :2016