Japan-made Majolica Tile – Trail of Inspiration –

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Installation Art
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Toshihide Kajiwara









The main aim of this project is to trace back to the history of the Japan-made Majorca tile, which, nowadays is mainly exported to Asian countries. Through this display of existing tiles and historical documents, we aim to encourage visitors to re-discover their uniqueness and beauty.
The original tiles are inspired by Islamic culture, as they were produced in the Iberia Peninsula before being exported to Italy. At the end of the 19th century, people began to produce Victorian tiles in England which were later imported to Japan where they were known as ‘Majolica tiles’. At this time, they were exported not only to Japan but also to other Asian countries that admired the Western architecture.

While designing the exhibition space, we set three main themes: The history of the Majolica Tile, The influence of Western Europe and showing the world filled by captivating Majolica tiles. In order for visitors to understand the history efficiently, the black architecture with a pitched roof in the center of the room, which can be perceived either as a house or a castle, is positioned at an angle of 16 degrees. This gradually divides the space into four sections and provides a circulating walking path for visitors to follow the history of the Majolica tiles from chapter one to chapter four.

At the entrance, we are greeted by an architecture covered completely with black walls. This grabs the attention of visitors immediately, because of the unusual angle it is positioned, bringing a new perspective to space. Through the classical western arched window, visitors can catch a glimpse, feeding their curiosities about the inside content of the black architecture. After passing through all of the chapters, visitors are introduced to the entrance of the architecture, where they can see magnificent tunnel covered completely with the printed tiles. In the tunnel, there is also a selection of tiles embedded in various places for visitors, both children and adults for exploring and touching the wall. In this space, the characteristics of the tiles such as their spacial sense, texture, and surface can be experienced in a more tactile manner.

Through this exhibition, visitors are invited to learn about the birth of the Majolica tile and its historical significance. We also have a wish to provide visitors with a memorable experience where they can appreciate the beauty and the uniqueness of tiles physically.

タイトル / Title : 「和製マジョリカタイル ー  憧れの連鎖 」展 / Japan-made Majolica Tile – Trail of inspiration
主催 / Sponsor:INAXライブミュージアム企画委員会 / INAX LIVE MUSEUMS
会場 / Place:INAXライブミュージアム「土・どろんこ館」企画展示室 / INAX LIVE MUSEUMS
開館時間 / Opening hour:10:00 – 17:00 (入館は~16:30)
休館日 / Holiday:水曜日(祝日の場合は開館)、年末年始 / Wednesday, New year holiday
期間 / Period:2018年11月3日(土)~2019年4月9日(火)

Photo credit / INAX LIVE MUSEUMS

協力 / Cooperation :
株式会社Danto Tile / Danto Ltd,.co
台湾花磚博物館 / Taiwan Tile Museum
コンフォルト(建築資料研究社)/ Comfort Magazine