narifuri LIMITED POPUP SHOP 2015 - GENETO-works









④ 様々な空間での適応



We set the five themes to design the pop-up shop for executing the strategy of narifuri.

①Possibility of a pop-up shop
Existing pop-up shops are consisted of ready-made furniture though goods are different. Therefore, there is not much specificity of each shop.
In this plan, we tried to maximize the brand image by making the space like a fixed shop.

②Simplicity of construction and dismantling
It’s simply construction and able to construct and dismantle in short time. It also must be light to bring. Therefore, The detail of each material of which a shop is composed is the size and weight what can be carried around by hand. In fact, the frames of the space in the whole shop consists to a connect gas pipes of φ27.2mm and a round joints made of laminated wood of φ90mm. Furthermore it has the function as a clothing store and a fall prevention by fixing the furniture and the fitting room made with a OSB board to the frame.

③Compact storing
We designed the shop what can be stored compact and the way of construction and dismantling because it is stored in the warehouse more than 2/3 a year.
As a result, in construction, it's the volume of 40.5 mm3. In storing, it's the volume of 8.5 mm3.

④ Adaptation at various spaces
It's important to be able to fit it flexibly to the various spaces where it is given. Then, the round joints and the gas pipes composing a frame are adopted the mechanism to be able to change the size depending on time and situation.

⑤Converting the brand image to a space.
The space was also considered a city because the concept of goods is an urban cycling living. Then, not by the evolvable surface of the city but we expressed it by the foundation element which is composed in the city. Actually, the structure modeled on a truss and the material such as a gas pipe, plywood and fence expresses the universal part that exists inside the city.

We aimed at the pop-up shop expressed the brand image by compounding 5 themes above.
It's also different from the conventional fixed store.
It is possible to spread the brand to target the free space of the across-the-country commercial facilities though it is the saves space and a low budget. We are groping the state of a store never before.


narifuri LIMITED POPUP SHOP 2015


Main use : popup shop
Location : Kyoto
Floor area : 38.9m2

Contractor : pivoto

photo : Yasutake Kondo